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The Team Up 4 Health program offers the chance for ordinary individuals to engage actively in health and wellness and become game-changers in their communities. Team Up 4 Health seeks to demonstrate that by making small behavior changes, people with chronic diseases that are America’s most common, preventable and costly health problems can adopt and share healthy behaviors to achieve improved health. The results have been inspiring.

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Team Up 4 Health in Bell County, KY

About Team Up 4 Health

A pilot in southeastern Kentucky
Showing both a need and an enthusiasm for change, a southeastern Kentucky community is creating a health movement.


Experience Team Up 4 Health

Lorinda and Ronnie
Rockcastle expansion brings new energy to Team Up 4 Health
by Alan Player

The team is getting bigger, with some great new members. With our expansion to Rockcastle County, Team


TU4H- Blog -Two Years In
Two years in: inspiring family, friends and a community
by Alan Player

It’s a local solution, growing organically within a committed population. That’s been the key to success for


TU4H- Blog - Taking a leap of faith
Taking a leap of faith to bring a lofty goal to life
by Leila Makarechi

“Do you know what to do in case of a tornado?” asked the kind lady at the check-in desk of the Pine Mountain


It’s a Team Effort

Team Up 4 Health is brought to you by Humana, the program’s sponsor and a leading health care company focused on wellness, and Microclinic International, a nonprofit public health organization that creates and directs major community health initiatives.

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